Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Wordles

Because everyone needs a day of rest, even when you're doing a blogathon.

Images come from Wordle (and you can tell I did one before I wrote about the sinkhole and one after), but the inspiration came from Robin at Local or Express who had one linked at her site earlier this week that made me want one too. I do think it's fitting that the word yogurt is prominently displayed in both images, as batch #1 of the homemade yogurt has now been consumed, and I just bought the milk to make batch #2. Click on the images to get the full effect--they're pretty cool. And now I want Wordles for everything!

Happy Saturday!


Debi said...

Love these! I made one of my own but couldn't get the image to be as big as you managed.

Sue Dickman said...

I had to fiddle quite a bit to get the big version. I put it in its own window and followed the instructions for the partial screen shot, and I outlined the whole image. Before that, I was getting bits of my desktop picture and other things. Now, I want to make wordles out of everything!

Lisa said...

I love the Wordles! And I love the "Get Out of Blogathon Jail Free" concept -- I'll definitely be using it before the month is up.

The BIKE Lady said...

I've heard of Wordles before but never tried them. That was fun. I'll go back and try them again another time, if I can do the screen saver thing and post them on my blog for my readers.

By the way, if you get a chance, stop by my blog and visit for a while. It's Day 11, and I've got a post to put up. But otherwise, I'm on schedule to hit the once daily mark. It's tough, though. I'm trying not to think about letting myself miss a day. It's really tough.

All my best,