Friday, May 1, 2009

May Blogathon

Given my sporadic presence here this last month or so, I'm feeling slightly dubious about my ability to be a prolific (or, at least, daily) blogger, but I'm going to try. Michelle Rafter, a fellow participant at Freelance Success, has offered up the second annual May Blogathon challenge. I had just started my blog last year when she and others did the first one, and I wasn't feeling quite up to the challenge. But perhaps because I had a lame April, I'm feeling more inspired this year. We'll see how it goes. Tomorrow, I'll post a list of all the other bloggers participating, and the month of blogging will begin.

One tidbit I can offer now, however: By the time the local news caught on to the story of the roving gang of snow blower thieves, 10 snow blowers in my little town alone had been taken. (And this was over a week ago, so who knows how many more are gone now.) My insurance company was speedy, and a check arrived yesterday for replacement cost minus the deductible. Since I'm not going to get a new one til the fall, this gives me some time to come up with an appropriate snow blower protection scheme. According to one friend (Hi Cara!), this sounds like I'm planning to "hire a couple of mafia goons to stand outside [my] garage and look menacing in case anyone else tries to rip anything off." Alas, the real plan probably won't be nearly as interesting . . .

Happy May!


Lisa said...

Blogathon, eh? Uh oh.

I was thinking I'd go for the large chain and padlock myself, but I bet any good snowblower thief worth his salt (no pun intended) carries bolt cutters.

The BIKE Lady said...

Hi Sue,

Jackie Dishner here, from the Blogathon. You missed great fun last year. This year, you won't. I'm looking forward to sharing our thoughts through the digital world.

Welcome aboard!