Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In a month where one is trying to blog all 31 days, there is bound to be a day (or several) when a person just doesn't have much to say. Today, alas, that person is me. My day went as follows: morning meeting, followed by extensive secret planning for boss's retirement gift (interspersed with bits of actual work), followed by 1 1/2 hours in the gym, followed by retirement event #3 (of 4) for same boss, followed by my usual Wednesday pad thai date with Alex. None of that individually was particularly tiring, but taken all together, it was a 12 hour day, which I am out of practice at.

So, what there is today is cats. My first exclusive cat photo post in my year + of blogging. So be it.


That is Chaya (also occasionally known as Mr. Fattypants), who makes it his mission not to let any plastic bag in the house go un-inspected. He takes his task very seriously, clearly.

Occasionally I feel like I need to send proof to my little nieces that I do actually have two cats, so I need documentation of that. Chaya is very friendly with visitors and serves as the greeting committee, but Kalu (more frequently called Little Balloo) refuses to come out if there is a person under four feet tall in the house and especially if there are several. He had vanished before the girls arrived on Monday, and he didn't re-emerge until they'd been gone for a full 2 hours. (He was quite nonchalant in his reappearance, but he totally smelled like the basement.) This photo is unusual because more often what happens is that Chaya decides that wherever Kalu is sitting is the most desirable place to be, and in his alpha cat way, he goes and usurps it. That day, however, he chose only to sit on top of his brother rather than evict him entirely.


A favorite photo from several years ago, when the cats were just four or five months old. Alex had gone away for a few days, and Lino had come to stay with me. At the time, I called this photo, "Why brushing my teeth is a challenge when the kittens have a sleepover." Now, I look back in amazement that all three of them fit in/on the sink at the same time, as they now weigh in the neighborhood of 35 pounds among them (divided something like 14 for Chaya and 10.5 for both Kalu and Lino).

And that's all I have. I'm hoping to be somewhat more coherent tomorrow.


Debi said...

That's a lot of cuteness concentrated in one place, Sue.

Also, your bathroom IS the same blue as my bedroom.

Cara deBeer said...

I had a bedroom that color in my last place!

and oh my goodness, those kitties are cute.

Lisa said...

Everyone has to succumb to the Default Pet Post eventually. That you've held out this long is testimony to your resourcefulness.

They're such cuties! I'll make sure and show their photos to Alvy (and weirdly enough, my CAPTCHA word for this post is "inksp").

Sue Dickman said...

It's always nice when one's friends appreciate the cuteness of one's pets and aren't afraid to comment! (Because of course I feel the same way about all of your adorable pets!)

And I remain grateful to myself for realizing, right before I moved in, that I couldn't live with the teal bathroom and decided to paint it at the last minute. I'm still determined to paint that beadboard white or cream . . . at some point.

Kate said...

The cats are so cute. i love cats but i like white colors. Why do you have black cats?

James said...

Those kitties are cute. I have only 1 at home, but that's already a challenge :)