Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Weekend Project

This is what 2 trips to the farmers market and 1 trip to Andrews Greenhouse have done to me:

There are the Million Bells and the Lisianthus . . .

And more miscellaneous annuals and lots of basil . . .

The last of the container plants (including even more Million Bells), plus some red onions . . .

Well, not quite the last--Million Bells in a color that's not pink or purple. As is probably obvious, I love Million Bells (formal name calibrachoa) as container plants--they're easy to take care of and bloom like crazy. I think I bought 12 or so of them this year. (In my defense, I have a lot of containers to fill.)

At Andrews yesterday, I got 2 different kinds of eggplant, 4 different kinds of peppers (all sweet) and 3 different kinds of tomatoes. (Plus a fourth kind of tomato today, plus some parsley.)

More photos to come once everything is planted. In the meantime, here's the aerial view:

Happy Saturday!

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