Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogathon Roll Call

I'm going to put these links up on the side soon, but for the moment, here are the other participants in this month's blogathon. (There may be a few more to add in the next day or so, but I wanted to get the initial list up today.) I'm not familiar with most of these blogs, so I'm looking forward to exploring some of them (and seeing how everyone is doing under the pressure of daily posting) over the next month.

Vera Marie Badertscher: A Traveler's Library -- Books and movies that influence travel.

Heather Boerner: Self Employed Serenity -- Advice for the self-employed among us.

Melanie Bonsall: Expert Editing -- The online home of this editor, proofreader and writer.

Jane Boursaw: Film Gecko -- May Movie Madness and other film-related stuff.

Danielle Buffardi: Horrible Sanity -- Random thoughts of a mother and freelance writer.

Sona Charaipotra: Sona Charaipotra for entertainment topics and Ishq in a Backpack on travel and food.

Rosie Colombraro : Trust the Universe -- There is always a Plan B.

Jackie Dishner: Bike with Jackie -- Improving your life with the B.I.K.E. spiritual navigation tool.

Ron S. Doyle: Ron S. Doyle -- Online home of this Denver, Colo., freelance writer and founder of Twittercize and Blog Salad

Kelly Estes: Big Government in Your Wallet -- A political blog

Jennifer L.W. Fink: Blogging 'Bout Boys -- With 4 boys between 3 and 11, this writer knows her subject.

Sydne George: I'll Have What She's Cooking -- Good eats.

Debra Gordon: Wine on Tuesdays

Nancy Hall: Floating Ink -- How to fit making art into your every day life.

KT Hinderer:
Write Beyond the Cubicle --Musings of a full-time freelance writer and editor.

Heather Holliday: Zazou Marketing -- Putting your best words forward.

Elizabeth Humphrey: The Write Elizabeth -- Introducing creativity into daily life.

Leah Ingram: Suddenly Frugal -- Tips for frugal living.

JoAnn Jagroop: This Dame Cooks -- Recipes from Alaska to the South Pacific.

Sara Lancaster: No. 2 Blog -- Blog of this Boulder, Colo., freelance Web & marketing writer.

Jerad Lopatin: Sign in Ink -- Everyday life as motivated by astrological happenings.

Sarah E. Ludwig: Parenting by Trial and Error--Parenting by learning, growing, staying flexible.

Lisa Mann: Sonoma on the Cheap -- One of the "On the Cheap blogs," this one for Sonoma, Calif.

Joy Manning: What I Weigh Today -- A food writer reflects on weight and body image issues.

Amy Rauch Neilson: Amy Rauch Neilson -- This blog's official launch date is Monday, May 4.

Jennifer Netherby: Jennifer Netherby -- Musings of a freelance writer.

Michelle Rafter: WordCount -- Freelancing in the Digital Age

Kate Reilly: Polka Dot Suitcase -- Finding fun in everyday life.

Meredith Resnick: The Writer's Journey

Melissa Sais: Digital Mom -- Raising kids in a digital world.

Brette Sember: Martha and Me -- One Martha Stewart makeover every day.

Kathy Summers: Eco Pregnancy and Baby and Health Writing Hints.

Jodi Torpey: Western Gardeners--Your online guide to gardening in the West.

Sarah Webb: Webb of Science -- Where science meets life.


Lisa said...

Me too! I'm in.

Horrible Sanity said...

Hey Sue. I'm Danielle Buffardi and I'm one of the bloggers taking part in the blogathon. I just wanted to swing by and introduce myself. Looking forward to your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

Your blog is very interesting. I love the diversity.

As a fellow blogathon-er, I'll be checking back here regularly.

Happy blogging!