Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photo of the Day

My lawn has become a meadow. It's partly because of our weird hot/cold/wet/dry weather and partly because my ancient lawnmower seems to have given up the ghost. (By the end of last summer, I was bargaining with it to hang on til the end of the season. It's never a good sign, to have to bargain with an appliance.) Every time I look out the window to the back yard, I cringe a bit. (It's a good thing I have no neighbors on that side.)

But there's one reason that I'm glad this year's mowing has been delayed:

It's my ajuga circle down the lawn towards the woods. Other patches of it are scattered in different places across the lawn, but this is the most concentrated section.

I know that ajuga can be invasive, that it's common (its other name is bugleweed), that its a ground cover like many others. But I just love that circle of purple on the lawn, and I am always sad to mow over it. Look how pretty the flowers are:

Soon, the day will come that I will have to be ruthless and just mow the damn lawn, purple fairy circle or no, but that day is not quite yet.

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