Monday, May 24, 2010

Haikus of the Day

Today is the second group blogging day (the first was on May 10, with the subject of favorite blogs), and it's group blog haiku today. I mentioned yesterday how I felt bad about not being able to read through more of the blogathon blogs, but I've decided that this might be my opportunity-- if everyone's blog post for today is only 17 syllables a piece, I might be able to manage that.

Here are my efforts.

First, the shortest possible version of Saturday's false indigo post:

The false indigo
is abloom in the garden:
purple smoke indeed.

As well as a sad garden discovery:

The cat from next door
has napped on my baby greens.
Leaves crushed into soil.


Babette said...

Oooh, The second is sad indeed...

BIKE LADY said...

I love that you wrote two haiku. Don't you think this was a great idea?

Cara deBeer said...

Oh, the cat napping on the baby greens made me laugh, although also sorry they were crushed.

kerry dexter said...

like both of these. haiku is such a good discipline.

Kathy Murray said...

Ditto was Cara said about the crushed plants, but nice haiku ;)