Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brief David Foster Wallace roundup

Nearly 6 months after his death, Dave Wallace has been in the news again this week.

The New Yorker has a long and excellent piece by DT Max on Dave's life and writing, along with an excerpt from his unfinished novel, The Pale King, which will be published next year.

In the LA Times, Sara Nelson wrote an interesting article on how the decision happened to publish it. (It involved his agent, editor and widow combing through thousands of pages in the garage where he wrote.)

And Amherst magazine, the alumni magazine of our mutual alma mater, published a series of short essays about Dave under the title "David Foster Wallace at Amherst." Included is an abbreviated version of the blog post I wrote after Dave's death, now titled (not by me) "The Teacher."

My original is here.

The main page of the Amherst compilation is here.

"The Teacher" is here.

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