Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One reason I'm glad I don't work on Mondays

I'd like to call this some kind of still life, but I'm not sure what. "Still Life with Bread and Lilac"? "Still Life with Hummus and Green Garlic Soup"? Somehow, it's hard to imagine a still life with hummus in the title. If I were really going to paint it (if I could paint, which I can't), I'd have decanted everything into lovely bowls and arranged it more decoratively, but mostly I wanted to record the moment in a simpler way.

I'm reminded of a painting I saw a couple of years ago at an exhibit at the Clark Institute of Art in Williamstown. I liked the title almost more than I liked the painting, but I liked the painting pretty well too.

It's Cezanne's Still Life with a Ginger Jar and Eggplants. It's usually at the Met, but it was on loan at the Clark for a special exhibit. We were there on a Tuesday afternoon, so the museum wasn't crowded, and it was quite magical to be nearly alone in the room with Cezanne.

Anyway, part of my Monday was spent cooking, as it often is, and I was very happy to start the week with a new loaf of peasant bread, a fresh batch of hummus, and a big pot (now, alas, mostly depleted) of green garlic soup. More about the green garlic tomorrow.

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