Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yogurt-related Drive-by

I have another post in the works, but for the moment, I just wanted to say that there's an interesting piece on yogurt over on the Atlantic Food Channel. The piece is by none other than Aglaia Kremezi, who Vera Marie Badertscher wrote about a couple of weeks ago in her guest post here, and begins with the enticing sentence, "Summer afternoons, under the shade of our fig tree . . . " There's also a little slide show, narrated by Kremezi, and several recipes, including this yogurt and almond cake with lemon syrup that sounds quite appealing. (The others, especially the salad with yogurt, spinach, parsley and walnuts--which seems to be eaten more as a spread than as a salad--also sound good.)

My third batch of yogurt was not quite as good as the first two (I think I let the milk cool off a bit too much before I added the starter), but reading this piece makes me want to try again. Maybe this weekend . . . And if not then, I'm still a week or two away from having ripe strawberries in my garden, but there's no doubt that I'll need to have some homemade yogurt on hand once they're ready.

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Robin Aronson said...

Oh! I'm all ready to try my hand at yogurt. I've figured out my jar--and now I have cake to be inspired by! And you on your third batch