Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fast Forward

Okay, so it's not strawberry season anymore. In my blogging absence, we've leapt right ahead into raspberry and, amazingly, blueberry season. I kind of can't believe I'm actually eating local blueberries. (Though not so local as my own yard--I did finally plant my blueberry bushes, but they're at least a year or two away from producing any large amount of berries, and I'm hoping devoutly they'll do better than the asparagus has done.) Still, the presence of blueberries always reminds me that summer is well underway, that we're closer to fall than to spring. I kind of hate that, especially when it's the first week of my summer vacation.

I have a post from a few weeks ago that I am going to finish and slap up here, but for the moment, I'll just post a photo of my latest garden produce, the conjoined zephyr squash. I suppose if I'd let it grow any bigger, maybe I could have entered it the strangely shaped vegetable competition at the local country fair. Instead, I picked it, I photographed it, and soon, I'm going to eat it.


Cara deBeer said...

Conjoined squash myslexia. Heh. Unrelatedly, I like the fabric under the squash a lot.

Lisa said...

Awww. Spooning Siamese Squash.

Sue Dickman said...

I know, they do look rather cozy together. (Well, they'll be all cozy together in the frying pan, too, just in a different way.)

Cara, that was my annual India tablecloth purchase this year. I always need them, because my dining room table needs one and we spill things, so it's a recurring item on my shopping list. I was a bit worried I wouldn't find one this time, but Fabindia came through in the end.